cnMaestro: Proxmox not supported?

We, just like many other WISPs, are migrating everything from VMware to Proxmox.

We have to use the On Site version of cnMaestro because
we are using the cnPilot GRE Tunnel function,
so cnMaestro cloud is not an option…

I am finding nothing when I type Proxmox into the Cambium Knowledgebase search.

I have tried importing the OVA and OVF files downloaded from Cambium.
The VM seems to build, but when running the VM it pegs the CPUs to 100% and is unusable.

I am unable to “Raise a Ticket” to Cambium now, as when I press the button to do so,
I am presented with a Support Center page that is blank…

Has anyone out there been able to get RECENT 3.x versions of cnMaestro
to work in CURRENT versions of Proxmox?

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