cnMaestro Question

At various customer locations, we have an ePMP-1000 SM's feeding Ethernet and Power to a second ePMP-1000 AP through the SM's Auxiliary Ethernet port. 

We have an R-200 router connected to the first SM's Ethernet to provide WiFi to the first customer devices. 

The second ePMP-1000 AP generally transmits to another Cambium SM located somewhere on the same property.  As with the first SM, we have a second R-200 router connected to the output of the second remote SM to provide WiFi to the remote customer's devices. 

When all of these devices are connected to cnMaestro, they show up on the Monitor/Dashboard screen at different locations.  

Is there any way to have all four devices show up in order (or be stacked) on the screen in cnMaestro, rather than having them show up at different locations on the cnMaestro screen?

When you say different location are you referring to the GPS coordinates shown under map in different locations or do you mean they go under different​ networks or towers?

If you want GPS coordinates to be almost identical for all your devices you can override all the AP GPS by setting the tower coordinates where it currently belongs. And for SM you can go to the device configuration page and set the LAN/LAT of each device at same position.

For all devices part of same Networks that’s also possible by changing the device configuration from cnMaestro UI.

Please let us know what exactly you want and we can help .

Hi ,

Can you please send the topology diagram of your network so that we can understand the issue better and it will help in debugging the issue.