cnMaestro reinstallation help

Dear all,
We had a small WiFi network with 20 APs (E501s). Everything was great but our computer which cnMaestro controller was installed crashed. Now we have to do a new installation or we can use Cloud, but unfortunately we don’t have a backup of its configuration. I can connect to any AP to change new cnMaestro IP, onboarding key etc.
My question is can I pull (download) information from AP to controller (WLAN, AP groups).
Do you have a procedure in this case or advise how and what to do?

Hi @Pitanko123,

Unfortunately, for cnPilot Enterprise configuration you’re going to need to create the AP Groups/WLANs again.

cnMaestro backups would include the AP Groups/WLANs. Individual AP Groups and WLANs can be exported for offline storage to later be imported. However, both of these options aren’t available if the original server is not operational.

You can view the device’s configuration file via cnMaestro if you don’t have easy web UI access for reference while recreating AP Groups/WLANs. This is in the device Configuration tab via the “View Device Configuration” link.

Thanks @Jordan
Can you help to understand the new cnMaestro because I’m a bit confused.
When I download the latest available version from support/downloads what exactly am I installing X or Essentials?
As I said we have 20 E502s APs and 2 2028p switches. Do I need licenses for basic management?

It is essentials unless one pays for cnMaestro X. Basic management needs no license.

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