cnMaestro reports for ePMP show blank values for Uplink Retransmission %

I recently pulled a report with info detailing retransmission for our ePMP APs, and I noticed that the entire column for "Uplink Retransmission (%)" is blank.  There are correct values for the Downlink retransmission, but none for Uplink.

Hi Nekomata,

Uplink Retransmission(%) values for ePMP-APs are available once per hour from its SMs, so they are available in the peformance reports generated with resolution 60 Mins and 24Hrs but not every 5 Min. Please try to generate reports with 60min/24Hr resolution. Under ePMP-AP performance graphs the Uplink retransmission values are only available in 1WK Zoom.

Hope this would help you.

Have a great Day.

Thanks a bunch, that makes sense.