cnMaestro resetting ePMP hostnames

A week or two ago we pushed a template via cloud cnMaestro to ~300 ePMP radios to disable the power-on reset sequence that causes us so many problems. Now we are finding that many radios had their hostnames reset to something they had earlier in life.

I’ve found another thread that describes this happening with cnMatrix switches, but haven’t seen one for ePMP that I can find.

This is making me hesitant to push the next template out…

The template in question:

    "device_props": {
        "powerSequenceFactoryDefault":	"0"
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We had the same thing happen when we tried to do a mass change to shut off unused INSTALLER, HOME, and READONLY accounts. As far as I know, the template just had the disable accounts things in it and nothing else, but it somehow changed a whole bunch of system names. Some were easy to figure out who was whom, but some were a terrible mess after.

This is that thread:

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