cnMaestro REST API - job automation

I am wondering what the reasoning is for not automatically retrying jobs that were stopped due to another job running, in addition to the "start" button that appears for restarting the job manually...? If there is a good reason for this, then is there any reason not to allow calls to the REST API for manipulating (restart, delete, etc.) jobs? My use case is that I work for an ISP and am automating the application of templates for configuring QOS rate shaping for customers. If a job for changing the QOS values on a radio is submitted, I want it to run without users having to check whether it ran, and manually intervene if it fails to run. I could check the status of the job and then if it fails to run in a specified amount of time, re-apply the template, but this creates another job, and I would prefer not to have the job run twice in the case that the first job eventually runs. Is there a timeout interval after which I can guarantee the first job will not run automatically if it doesn't run initially?