cnMaestro: Router? 3rd Party Devices?


I am wondering 2 things:

1. Can the cloud based cnMaestro perform routing/gateway functions for multiple sites/facilties of public Wifi networks?

2. What capacity does cnMaestro have to manage 3rd party devices? Such as managed switches.

Hey mdm.... can you elaborate more on what you mean by 'routing/gateway functions'? cnMaestro is a management tool for Cambium devices. It doesn't do any routing functions. It simply allows monitoring, mass configuration, and firmware updates at this time.

At this time cnMaestro does not have any ability to manage 3rd party devices. There's been talk of it supporting legacy Cambium devices via SNMP in the future. After that functionality is added, they might consider adding 3rd party device support if enough people ask for it.