cnmaestro set wpa-tkip for old devices


I have a customer with old scanners that need an ssid with wpa-tkip auth.

In cnmaestro I only can set open or wpa2.

It is possible to set wpa?


Yes you can do this using device-overrides, here is the syntax used:

wireless wlan 1


You can also set this using the CLI (accessed via SSH), again here is the syntax:

wireless wlan 1



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Thank you for the answer.

I'm quite a newby in cambium. I saw commands in other post.

What is the difference before "override" and CLI? I thought it si the same. I have to do it for all APs?

So, I cannot see wpa config in cnmaestro?

What about if I change something in cnmaestro?


I see the difference now...

I feel confidant that override is a better soluction, cos I can see what I did in cloud.

I'll try it.


Yes that's right, cnMaestro gives you complete visability and with devices overrides it will apply your change to all of the APs in the group so you don't have to manually configure each one.

It works for me but before but I had to do this before:

PMF need to be disabled before enabling tkip.