cnmaestro showing BGC mode for wireless

Hi guys,

I was looking through a customer site when I came across on the clients tab under mode, bgc.

What is bgc? bgn, ac etc I get but bgc?

cnmaestro 2.1.1-r37

aps are e410


Could you also please share the software version running on e410 APs.




I tested using cloud 2.1.1-r37 and E410 running 3.10.2/3 but I was not able to reproduce the issue. 

Could you please share the e410 software version or invite me to your cloud account with super admin access? 

My email address:

Done.. you are super admin

Finally, we are able to reproduce the issue and the issue is from the cnPilot AP side. The issue will be addressed in the upcoming cnPilot Enterprise version - 3.11. Thanks again for bringing this issue to our notice!