cnMaestro Showing intermitten connectivity and devices offline

We are using the cloud version of cnMaestro and are experiencing intermitten communication failures. cnMaestro will show the device offline when devices are actually still online. Also dealing with stations dropping AP and SM's. Are any of you dealing with this? What did you do to fix it? Any information you can provide is extremely appreciated.

Thank you

Are Offline Alarms also activating for those devices?  Are a lot of connect/disconnect Events being logged in the Notifications -> Events tab?

We have similar case recently. Though we acknowledged the alarm, it still shows offline. 

Finally, we reboot the AP remotely via the cnMaestro and everything resumed normal.

Yes I am getting an offline alarm and connect/disconnect are being logged in notification events.

I suspect that there's some sort of memory leak/CPU runoff issue with the AP's that show up as offline when they're online. Recently when we went to update all of our PMP450 radios to 16.0.1 we noticed that the handful of offline AP's also had 100% CPU usage. A reboot of the AP (temporarily) solved the issue, and allowed it to reconnect to cnMaestro, and we were able to proceed with our updates.

We were able to reproduce the 100% CPU usage issue locally and have developed a fix.  If any of you would like to test with a private build please email or PM me and I will put you into contact with PMP engineering.

jordan.stipati [.at.]

We have released 16.1 BETA build today with the fix. You can try with one of your device as this is BETA release.