CnMaestro SMs Capacity

we have a network of over 10K CPEs and we want to know if the CnMaestro can take all of them .
any idea on what is the capacity of CnMaestro for SMs ( How many CPEs it can handle ) the Cloud and on premises versions …

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You have 10k Cambium CPE’s?

Yes 10k cambium SMs .

cnMaestro supports up to 10k devices. This sounds like a great job for your Cambium Regional Sales Manager (RSM) to help you decide which version of cnMaestro is good for you.

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no you miss understand , we did not put them on the Cnmaestro yet , i was asking if the Cnmaestro can handle that number of CPEs .

Hi Ahmed – Cloud accounts are currently limited to 10,000 devices, but an On-Premises deployment can support 25,000 Fixed Wireless Devices. We recommend 16 vCPUs and 32 GB RAM when going beyond 10,000 on-premises.

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