cnMaestro states PMP450 AP Offline

cnMaestro states PMP450 AP Offline even though it lists uptime under details on it, has SMs online and in the AP itself it states its connected to cnMaestro.

How do I reset this?  New to CNMaestro.

Hi hci,

There have been several recent threads on this. This was reolved in 15.1.5 so if you're on an older firmware version you'll want to upgrade to it or beyond it. The latest version is 16.0.1 and you can download it here. However, there is an issue where CPU usage hits 100% that may cause this and this issue will be resolved in 16.1, an upcoming release. You can check out the related posts here and here

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These APs are all 16.* release.  Whats weird is that on one it says is offline under performance it shows all its stats yet.  On another the stats are not there but but under details the uptime is correct.  Its clear cnMaestro is talking to them and still calling them offline.