cnMaestro - Template Enforcement

Hi All,

I am aware you can push templates down to devices but can you enforce this after the fact?

I am looking at making sure that all devices are configured the same and I would like the ability to do this through cnMaestro

Hi root,

For tempate-based configuration there is not a feature to enforce configuration after initial application.  This would be all backhaul devices.

For AP Group-based configuration this is possible using the Sync and Lock AP Configuration features.  This is only available for cnPilot device types.

Is it possible to have this in the cnMaestro roadmap for PMP450 devices? I imagine other customers must want this feature

I recommend posting this to the Ideas section with a description of your expectations on what you'd like this feature to do.  We use the Ideas section to decide what new features to add to cnMaestro.