cnMaestro Tier3 Tier 2 Questions

Maestro X is forcing the Tier 3 sub count to be the number of Tier 3 devices active on Maestro. So we ordered 3 sub accounts and the 3 are active, but X now wants the sub count for Tier 2 devices to be registered or the X upgrade won’t start. Our count right now shows 3 ePMP 2000 and 1 550. The Maestro device chart shows that we should be active with X once we do the Tier 3 cnPilots and the 4 Tier 2 APs. I am concerned that once we gets subs and active the Tier 2 devices with the subs, that Maestro is going to go and say we now need to sub all the SMs under the Tier2 devices. Will that happen once we sub the 4 Tier 2 devices, telling us to do all the SMs, which are not showing now as needing to have subs? We’ll remove the APs if that happens and just run X with the Tier 3 devices then.

So to use the features needed to program PAYMENTS for cnPilots, I need the Tier 3 subs, but now I get forced into getting subs for devices that we don’t need the X functions for, like the Tier 2 devices.

Subscriber modules are part of the free tier, so you will not need to purchase a subscription for them.