cnMaestro Version 3.1.0-r2 (Cloud)

Since Update to ver 3.1.0-r2, can sign in on apple Iphone or IPad device and it says it is connecting, but comes up with a blank screen, works on Apple computers and all other devices, anyone having this issue?

I received a call from one of our customers this morning with the same issue. I can access cnMaestro with my Samsung, but don’t have an apple device handy to try it.

Hi yhbb – we can replicate the issue and are working on a fix.

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Are the teams at Cambium testing everything before putting it into production?
More and more often I have the impression that the software goes live online, without tests, without test scenarios, without respect for the client :frowning:


Thank you Rob for fixing our issue with the iphone.

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