cnMaestro Version 3.2.0-r14

Anyone notice cnMaestro been having too much bug these days? Latest as in on February 2023 we been noticing that client info list been keeping roaming history or alike and this is not convenient to see.
Example as screenshot attached.


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Hi ,

Could you please invite, as super admin for further investigation?

Raja M

I noticed the same thing, very often there are duplicate clients? Despite being connected to the same device.
Something is not working in this version :slight_smile:

yeah…already try upgrade n downgrade firmware. still the same. and u dont need to investigate in our account…u can ask your cnmaestro team to have lab test and see your self.

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Yeah the on-prem patches for 3.1 have failed for us. Hoping Cambium offers a 3.1 to 3.2 smooth on-prem upgrade. A new ova would probably do the trick along with a new LTS Ubuntu. The 3.x branch seems less stable than 2.x.