cnMaestro VLAN Type Sync Issues

Hello community,

I’m wondering if I am hitting a bug or if I’m perhaps misunderstanding something.

With cnMatrix switches in cnMaestro (Cloud) I’m configuring the vlans for the switch ports. Most of the time I will use the Access type as the vlan set needs to be untagged as the client device doesn’t need to know or be involved in vlan’s beyond that.
However sometimes we need to make a configuration change , e.g put a device on a different vlan, no problem, edit the configuration use one of the available vlan’s, set as Access type and sync but no, it will fail to sync with an unknown error and not push across the config change.
However, if I change the ports vlan type to Hybrid setting both the vlan and PVID to the same setting will sync without issue. Now this is OK as a workaround but its inconsistent when this behaviour happens and why.

Anyone else experiencing this, @anon89030143 is this expected behaviour if so, why?

Failed config


Working config



Hi @Rob_Fuller,
We able to sync the config successfully in our environment after setting VLAN type as Access. Could you please try upgrading cnMatrix to 4.6-r2 build which is latest released.
If cnMatrix is already in latest version and still observing the issue, Please provide the reproducible steps in detail, So we will try the same in our environment. Also please attach the error screenshot.


Can confirm 4.6-r2 fixes the issues.

Many thanks

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Hi @Rob_Fuller,
Its working in 4.6-r2. We tested locally.
Please upgrade and let us know the status.