cnMaestro VMware ESXi Installation - Can not SSH into cnMaestro virtualization.

We have installed cnMaestro with a VMware ESXi Installation.  I can get into the UI just fine remotely.  I can not ssh into the VM configuaration Screen.  I get and error - error.png

I do not have direct access to the VMSpere.  It is managed by a different department.  It is installed and put on the network.  I first installed cnMaestro in VMWare Workstation but the problem is, I am using VMWare Workstation on a Win Server 2016 virtualization.  We tried to nest the virtualizations but it did not recognize my keyboard after the first line.  I could type in the username but would not let me type in the password in the CLI.

Is cnMaestro set up to ssh into?  Is something like openssh-server installed on the cnMaestro VM?  What about using a program XRDP to remote from a Windows box to cnMaestro VM configuration.  The XRDP would have to be installed in the cnMaestro VM?

Is there a beter way to manage it remotely?  Right now I am confined to a Virtualization Server until the testing is done.  Then it will move to hardware Server.  Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.  

Thanks in advance for all the help.

We do not keep the SSH enabled by default due to security reason.

Please login in VM and enable ssh

sudo service ssh start