CnMaestro with XM

I see in the release notes the the XM devices can not be managed by CnMaestro. I also see when updating them from the ubnt firmware they default the onboarding to disabled.

I thought they just werent compatible... but one of my employees was trying to get the configs standard and enabled it on all the XM devices and CnMaestro actually onboarded them. I have since removed them as I thought it was contributing to the disconnects but it didnt seem to make a difference.

So my question is would it be bad to have the XM devices in CnMaestro? what did they do in CnMaestro that you recommended them not to be used?


cnMaestro was not recommended to be used with XM devices because of XM hardware limitations.

We expected interaction with cnMaesgtro can lead to Out of Memory issues on XM boards.

Then massive tests were performed and significant influence on XM device's performance has not been observed.

So for now XM devices can be managed by cnMaestro, but you should be aware of issues which can happen because of hardware limitations of XM series.

Thank you.