cnMaestro won't show SM as Config Synced

This SM is Authorized and operating fine and heartbeating OK according to AP with a grant expiry 7 days out, but I can’t get cnMaestro to stop showing it as unsynced with a sync expiry time 3 days out. Is this just a cosmetic problem, if so, is there any way to get the status to show correctly in cnMaestro? If not, what do I need to do in order to get this SM synced so it doesn’t get de-authorized in 3 days?!

I have had this issue and it’s cosmetic and it will not get halted as long as the AP is heartbeating the CBSD grant.

With Ken’s approval, I am adding this reply from his support ticket showing the issue:

SM Missing CPI data:

"Upon checking the below parameters of the SM, We believe that the SM type was incorrect while importing/adding the device to the sector.

From the below antenna parameters, the SM looks like it was imported as a PMP450 SM with a reflector dish, rather than a 450b.

cnMaestro will correct the SM type after the SM is onboarded, but the device type/FCCID in encoded CPI data that the cnMaestro Management Tool generated is not corrected as it was generated for the initial device type.

This CPI data is not accepted by the SM as it is the device type/FCCID is incorrect. Hence there is no CPI data in the SM.


For this reason, the SM also has a grant lower than the allowed maximum of 49dBm for PMP 450b.

Can you perform the following?

  1. De-register and delete the device from the cnMaestro Management Tool.
  2. Correct the “Device Type” and “Antenna Parameters” on the import sheet and re-import the device or manually add it back in via the pop-up tool.
  3. Run the tool to pre-authorize the grant for the SM.
  4. Connect the SM back to the AP to Sync the CPI data.*

This should correct the issue you are seeing.

*While correcting the parameters, keep the de-register box against the SM under the AP session status tab checked so that it will prevent the SM from connecting to the AP (the SM will be out of service) while you correct the device type and antenna parameters.

Uncheck the box once you have the grant and the SM will connect back to the AP and it will sync it’s CPI config from cnMaestro."

Sync Expiry time:

In regards to the “Sync Expiry Time” counting down, this happens if the device is not in a “Config Synced” state, so even though the AP pulled the SM’s CPI data from the cnMaestro Management Tool, the fact it didn’t sync is the reason that the timer is still counting down.

When this timer gets to 0:00:00, the cnMaestro Management Tool will automatically de-register the device as it will assume that the device is not in service.

It is always good practice to check that all the connected devices have successfully synced and that the timer is showing “N/A”, if the device has connected and the timer is counting down still, verify the device type and make the corrections where needed.

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