Does anybody have an idea when PMP 450, PMP 450i, PMP450d could be managed by CNMaestro? I tried to add devices to my Network on CNMaestro but the drop down menu contains only CNpilot and Epmp devices to choose from. 

We will update you soon.
You can follow the below link for more details

Hi Rupam. I would like to know when PMP450 will be available to be managed by cnMaestro. Thx !


Hi Diogo!

We're working hard to get the 450 platform supported in cnMaestro.  I expect this to happen sometime in Q2.  This is the target date, and of course is subject to change... but as Rupam says, stay tuned to the cnMaestro community forum, and more information will be released as we get closer.



Thanks Matt for your prompt response !

appreciate it

Will  e-mails alerts be added to the cnMaestro for administration purposes?

The email notification features is targetted for Q3 of this year.

Hi Emilio,

Any update on that feature ? Is it ready? 

Thank you


yes cnMaestro 1.3.0-r7 now supports PMP450 :-)


Tks I already have them managed by CnMaestro PMP 450 and PMP 450i