I recently began using cnMaestro on-premise in our network.  We currently are still using an old SNMP graphing program that gives us some insight to our network but it is getting old and limiting.  After using cnMaestro for the last week on a limited part of our network I am happy to report how valuable it is for us to quickly diagnose issues.  Below is a highlight of such an instance. 

On October 28th and 29th I loaded all AP's and SM's from one of our sites with a ePMP 2000 AP w/beamforming antenna.  On October 30th through November 1st we had a few complaints from some new customers that the internet was slow, videos were buffering, etc.  When I checked the AP and the customer SM, they didn't have much data at the time running through them. I noticed that all SM's on this AP were not doing that great in terms of modulation but still were not disconnecting.  Most of these customers were probably not home at the time I was checking.  I assumed the low modulation was because there was little data flowing from the customers. 

Later that night, I saw even worse modulation and worse performance during peak times.  I loaded up cnMaestro to see what insights I could see from the customers point of view.  What I saw was an enormous amount of retransmissions compared to the previous days (see picture).  At 2AM i did a spectrum scan from the ePMP 2000 and found something and someone had laid a 20Mhz channel directly over the top of the frequency we were using!  I was amazed the SM's were connecting at all! 

cnMaestro helped me quickly identify the poor performance on this sector quickly.  I moved the frequency of the AP and performance was even better than prior to this interference.  We are now going forward with the onboarding of all our devices to cnMaestro and we hope to see even more performance graphing, such as SNR, to help diagnose problems.  cnMaestro's ability to graph these details without having to fuss with SNMP and MIB files and strings makes things so much easier and quicker.  Thank you Cambium.  We hope to see even more great features in this free product.  

Thank you,

Nathan Dothager

KNR Wireless, LLC. 

Below is the pic of the retransmission stats on a customer SM.  Retransmission rates were as high as 50%. You can see the rates before and after interference from moving to a clean channel. 


This is great news. Thank you Nathan.

We will be aharing this on social media.