cnMaestro's "alarms" for disconnected radios

Have an annoying issue, basically at the moment the "Down SM's" is useless to me for troubleshooting and i'd imagine others aswell, namely because theirs no way to differentiate people who are offline for no reason and those that are disconnected because they fail radius authentication... their really should be a way to set "don't alarm for SM's with failed authentication" or lower their alarm level or something so we can actually see customers offline because of an issue, and not because we disconnected their account and blocked their radio from connecting.

I'd imagine its not hard to implement just compare the radio status and if IDLE, check the radius auth state and if it says request denied" check if we want to show that or not :(

Same for me.

Plus it will be useful clear the Alarm and Alarm History tabs

Ok so it's not just me who this drives nuts lol, like literally i login and see 100 users off and i'm like WTF is going on i go through first 5 and notice their all so far "request rejected" so disconnected so i just give up and don't check anymore so the alarm becomes useless for me/helpdesk :( as i'm not going to go through 50-150 alarms to figure out which ones are actually customers with issues vs payment issues.