cnMaetro error


I cliam e400 on cloud 

In tab setting have " 1 ONBOARDING " but when i go to tab Onboard just empty

when i tried with another account 

Please check out the screen shot


Can you please send the serial no of the device via private message.



Thank you for the response.

This morning everything was ok, Onboard Tab has shown claim device

But i got trouble with Guest Portal , it's not work when i enable Voucher 

I'm distribution Cambium Product in VietNam ( Mitel Distribution ) so my customer have the same trouble they business based on wifi that a  big trouble with them

Please chek out the screenshot !!!

can you please share your cambium_id and invite me in your account

email id :


 I have invited you to my acccount . Please accept it 

Hi phanduychinh -- please check your private messages for more information.