cnMatrix and cnPilot are not connecting to cnMaestro

I have my network, I previously onboarded the cnmatrix and cnpilot e series to cnmaestro cloud but later switched off internet, now when i restored the internet, the all the units are not connecting to cnmaestro. yet they are serving internet perfectly

attached: network topology, cnmaestro, cnpilot config,

Config.txt (3.8 KB)

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Can you ping from switch and APs?


from switch and AP, that’s a Windows command line, if I’m not wrong

From AP

but how do i ping from switch

Ssh to switch and from cli enter ping command.
But I assume that ping will fail, same as from the AP.

You have some network issues, I see that AP resolved domain to IP so dns is ok, is https/port 443 allowed from LAN to WAN?

From switch

like how?

Something is blocking your Internet traffic (my opinion).
You can resolve public domain (
So, your DNS server can contact Internet, can you try from your DNS server that same ping. I see that your dns server is also default gateway.
Did you change something on your side, why was Internet down?

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The site is still under construction, so i move with some of the devices like the router

I can ping from the dns server

Ok, check the router configuration once again (firewall rules if any, NAT policy…). What is the IP of that router in subnet, your switches and APs have default gateway That is IP of your DNS server, do you need to reconfigure new ip for default gateway if there is new router which is serve as def gateway?