CnMatrix and POE for 3ghz Medusa

We have deployed some 450 Medusa 3ghz Access points plugged into a CnMatrix TX2020RP. We are using DC power. The data cable/sync cable is cat5. I noticed today that the CnMatrix has autodetected the CnMedusa and is delivering power at Class 3 802.3. Should I disable POE on the switch?

No, don’t disable power, it is needed to deliver Cambium Sync via the ethernet port.

Hey guys, I connected 2 separate 450 Medusa and they are not powering onp, I have a third one that has the most recent firmware and powers up without a problem, I am using the same switch cnMatrix TX2020R-P same default class 3 802.3. Do you know if that it is a known issue.
Also the CNPulse needs a clear line of sight?, I’m not getting anything from the antenna plugged in the CNPulse port. Thank you

Also the cambium injector works with all 3

Just to be clear, you’re trying to power a PMP450m 5GHz and NOT a 3GHz.