cnMatrix and PtP 550

Hi all,

I am having an issue with getting to my PtP 550 GUI via my cnMatrix switch.  My cnMatrix is online on Maestro but my PtP 550 is not, I have put in the Maestro creds in the PtP 550 for it to onboard onto Maestro.  I can access the PtP 550 via Rj45 of its POE but when connected to switch I cannot access it, the ptp 550 has a static IP that is in the same IP/subnet as the Matrix switch and my Mikrotk router.

My setup is a Mikrotik router using OSPF, Eth 1 is the ISP, Eth 2 is a DHCP server that is connected the matrix switch and Eth 3 is where the Ptp 550 is connected to complete a link to the next site.  Am I missing something in the ptp 550 config or the matrix or both?

My prior experiene is with ubiquti air fibers and they have a managment port via rj45 and I would just static IP the fiber and run the management line to the switch and I could access the air fiber via the switch and it would also populate in UNMS.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!