cnMatrix Facelifts of Certain Switches?

Checking if there’s any plans on the horizon to facelift the cnMatrix EX2028-P and EX2052-P switches with maybe 2-4 2/5 Gbps ports in the future ?

Doing XV3-8 deployments and usually in the meeting rooms we put in XV3’s in to ensure high speeds for the corp computers.A lot of my installs are tight on space (and money haha) to dedicate one dedicated switch like a EX2016M-P clients see it as a bit of waste and just deal with slower LAN speeds in general.

Use Netgear, there is a lot of 2,5-5 and 10 Gbit ports switches :slight_smile:
Of course it will not available from the cloud but maybe speed is more important than cloud funcionality )

Yeah have done the same but I have a team of 8 net engineers around different parts of the world.
Working via cnMaestro just makes life easier for all of us