CnMatrix GPS Pucks

So far we’ve really enjoyed the CnMatrix switches but have had some trouble with GPS sync. We’ve seen in forums to utilize the GPS pucks, but wondered if anyone had any success with those on indoor deployments. We have one set up in a building and it isn’t getting sync off the puck so we’re thinking it won’t work inside.
TX2020R-P Ethernet Switch
CNS Software Version 4.3-r3
Manufacture Date 2022-01-24

The GPS puck is not going to work inside, unless your roof is made out of paper. The puck needs to be outside and have a view of the sky.

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So many folks have said they are just relying on the pucks that we really wondered. Thank you for the input!

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If you’re indoors using a standard GPS puck won’t be able to achieve GPS Sync; an alternative you could use the alternative options,