cnMatrix not getting dhcp ip from Dhcp server

I have cnPilot E serries devices that are connected to cnMatrix switches. but the problem is that this switch does not get dhcp and hense the cnPilots dont get dhcp as well.

where could the problem be because when i connect my laptop to the dhcp server, it gets dhcp

Post your switch configuration (show running configuration) and some info about network, are you using vlans etc.
Which router do you have, how it is connected to cnmatrix switch?

Here is my setup
I am not using vlans.
My goal is that the edge core wifi manager should serve dhcp to the cnmatrix switches and cnpilot APs

It is likely related to vlan configuration. Can you share the config on the switch? Please also raise a ticket with Cambium Support.

Basically there are no new settings in the switches.
I have configured the APs with static ips in vlan1 and no dhcp service, also put the WiFi controller ip as the default gateway but when I connect a device to the ssid in the ap, it does not get an ip yet when I connect to the controller directly, I get an ip.
The other confusing thing is that I can access the ap gui through the controller

so when I click on Go, I can access the AP GUI