cnMatrix Release 4.0.1-r2

cnMatrix Release 4.0.1-r2 is now available at
This release is compatible to EX2K, EX1K, and TX2K cnMatrix models.

What’s new in 4.0.1-r2

Support for new TX model

Release 4.0.1 supports a new TX model, cnMatrix TX2012R-P

Auto Device Recovery Enhancement

Starting with release 4.0.1, non-responding remote (connected) devices will be “reset” via the ADR mechanism only for a configurable number of times.

PBA Enhancements

A new action has been added to PBA: Auto Device Recovery. A PBA policy can now enable or disable ADR on a port.

New PoE functionality

PoE Hybrid mode now supported on EX2016M-P

  • PoE hybrid mode in which detection is still performed, but classification is no longer performed. Hence this mode has two major advantages: one, it offers protection by still performing standard 802dot3 detection (as oppose to passive PoE mode) and second, it offers the possibility for a device to draw-up as much power as it desires regardless of the advertised class
  • This mode is available starting with release 4.0 and available on all WISP ports, and with release 4.0.1 on EX2016M-P.
  • By default, on EX2016M-P, ports power-up in 802.3bt mode and support up to 60w (Type3/Class6) over 4Pair ports (ports 9-14) and up to 30w (Type3/Class4) over 2Pair ports (ports 1-8).
  • PoE hybrid mode is persistent if configuration is saved
  • For hybrid mode, the PoE LED will light up amber, same as for 802.3 mode, since this mode requires detection and is not passive mode

CLI commands (from interface mode) :

EX2016MP-EC62C0# con t
EX2016MP-EC62C0(config)# interface gigabitethernet 0/4
EX2016MP-EC62C0(config-if)# power inline mode hybrid

PoE auto-detect mode for cnWave on TX models

  • This feature offers the possibility to automatically set the PoE power mode to hybrid once a cnWave is detected on the port via LLDP. Assuming that the cnWave boots-up in 802.3 mode and has enough power to send LLDP, we will identify it based on the System Description TLV and change accordingly the power mode to hybrid on that power so that it can draw-up the full 90w even if it advertises itself as a class 4 device
  • By default, the feature is enabled
  • Enable/disable setting is persistent if configuration is saved
  • This feature is similar to the cnMedusa mode released in SSW version 4.0


  • Changing the power-mode implies a power-on/power-off on the port. So, once a cnWave is detected and the power-mode is changed successfully, it will reboot and come back online with the new power-mode. After coming back online, the cnMatrix waits for 2 minutes to confirm again that it is a cnWave via the same LLDP information. During the transition period the port is kept intentionally off for 12seconds (PoE LED will be blinking green) to avoid the cnWave booting-up in SPC mode. All these events can be followed via logging (TX2020RP-EC62C0# show logging).
  • If the cnWave is unplugged or if the port is administratively powered-off, cnMatrix will revert the
    power-mode to 802.3 on that port
  • This feature only works for V3000 and V5000 cnWave models upgraded to the latest firmware.

CLI commands (from configure-terminal mode) :

TX2020RP-EC62C0# con t
TX2020RP-EC62C0(config)# power mode hybrid cnwave
TX2020RP-EC62C0(config)# no power mode hybrid cnwave

Removable power supplies (RPS) on new TX model

TX2012R-P model offers one power supply slot for flexible power budget requirements. The detection of a power supply upon insertion is done automatically and the power budget is adjusted accordingly on the fly.

CLI commands:

TX2012RP-EC6360# show system power-supply
Power Supply 1:
Status: Normal
Power Ouput: 930 W
Voltage Output: 54.5 V
Current Output: 17 A

Important and Customer Bug Fixes

Tracking Product Description
3305 All Changing the switch name (host name) via cnMaestro does not have any effect on the switch after switch is upgraded from 2.0.5.
3345 All DHCP default gateway has lower route preference than the static default gateway
3393 All IGMP Snooping - Switch crashes while processing jumbo size IPMC packets
3408 All Switch can reset when being monitored with tools/scanners that establish SSH connections eg. PRTG, Auvik, ACAS
3417 All Incorrect frame type for port configured in Access mode via XMS Cloud
3446 All Non-root switch intermittently originates STP BPDU which causes spanning tree re-convergence

cnMatrix-EXTX Release Notes - 4.0.1-r2.pdf (784.8 KB)