cnMatrix Release 4.2.1

cnMatrix Release 4.2.1 is available on the Cambium Support site.

This is a bug fix release.

Bug Fixes

Tracking Product Feature Description
3903 All cnMaestro/Port Channel cnMaestro configuration sync fails when there is more than one port channel configured on Switch Port page
3970 All PVRST Host fails to get DHCP IP address in PVRST spanning- tree mode when there are more than 8 VLANs configured on the switch
4027 All SSH Switch restarts randomly (Customer ticket 289415)
4041 All CLI Unprivileged users can use CLI output redirect ‘>’ to overwrite system files
4056 All Web/DHCP Relay Devices fail to get IP address when DHCP Relay is enabled via Web GUI
4066 All PBA PBA Action attributes: port mode and PVID are not properly configured on a port with PBA policy applied. This issue is present in 4.2 (Customer ticket 291030)
4075 All cnMaestro/Voice VLAN Voice VLAN setting on a new VLAN may be lost during config sync
4087 All cnMaestro/Voice VLAN Clearing voice VLAN does not take effect on the switch
4088 All cnMaestro Configuring cnMaestro URL with the trailing slash ‘/’ causes switch to fail connectivity to cnMaestro on-prem. This issue is present in releases 4.1.2, 4.1.3, and 4.2 (Customer ticket 290885)
4089 All IPv6 After upgrading to 4.2 communication between IPv6 hosts can fail

Known Issues

Tracking Product Description Workaround
388 All DHCP Relay: The switch doesn’t relay all DHCP Release and Renew packets if there are more than 360 DHCP clients connected to the switch. Use cnMatrix switch to relay DHCP packets for less than 360 DHCP clients.
460 All LLDP port-id-subtype setting, and DHCP server host hardware-type 3 setting are lost after boot. Reconfigure the settings if they are lost after reboot.
519 All UP7 traffic not equally serviced if received from 2 different ports - SP scheduler N/A
695 All Ping doesn’t work between 1/10 Gb interfaces or 1/10 Gb port-channels when STP mode is PVRST and more than 9 VLANs are created. N/A
838 All DHCP Snooping: When disabling DHCP Snooping globally, the DHCP Snooping VLAN configuration is cleared. Reconfigure DHCP Snooping per VLAN.
848 All Auto Attach: For phone detection it is advisable not to use rules with LLDP-CAP “phone” as matching criteria. Phones can be identified using other data LLDP data, such as System Description, System Name or Chassis ID.
946 All Routing is not working on routed port when static ARP is used Use static ARPs only for VLAN interfaces.
985 All Exec-timeout setting is lost after reboot. Reconfigure this setting after unit reboot.
1056 All Physical ports that are part of a port-channel are returning to VLAN 1 after remote peer is performing a boot default.
1) When port-channel is deleted, links are not restored to original VLANs
2) When link member is not part of the bundle, it is assigned to VLAN 1
1555 All When downloading agent using SFTP from SSH/telnet session, the download progress is displayed on the console interface, not in the current session. N/A
1828 All Establishing a SSH session between two cnMatrix devices is not working. Enable SSH HMAC LIST ( HMAC- MD5 / HMAC-SHA1 ) on the cnMatrix acting as a SSH server
2103 All / CnMaestro Router Port configuration from CLI Templates will result in faulty port performance tracking N/A
2122 All RIPv1/RIPv1 compatible updates are not sent to the RIP neighbors (3.0.1-r4 does not work with RIPv1 RIP router) Only connect cnMatrix 3.0.1-r4 to RIPv2 neighbors, and set the RIP send update to RIPv2 mode
3669 All 802.1x : Single Host – MAC address of the client is learnt in all the VLANs configured on the switch N/A
3513 All / cnMaestro MSTP: In some cases, for very long VLAN lists associated to MSTP instances, the configuration may fail N/A
3514 All / cnMaestro MSTP: When the VLAN-instance mapping is updated, the user may experience a momentary traffic drop N/A
3646 All 802.1x: Vlan Priority Attribute can be configured on Radius server with the standard attribute User-Priority-Table and the value accepted is in the format “xxxxxxxx”. ( 8x ) N/A
3677 All 802.1x : Single Host - Multiple hosts can be authenticated on the same port N/A
3586 All Storm-control not working correctly on a SFP+ port with 1G transceiver. Packet are limited on that port at a rate 10 time grater than for a 1G port. N/A
3683 All Port MAC Limiting: Migrated MAC addresses are not deleted from the software FDB table after the limit is reached on the new port. This is a display issue. Please ignore this output.
3772, 3775, 4111 TX1K/TX2K PoE – ports configured in hybrid or passive-54V mode do not power-up any devices unless the maximum power capability of the port is available in the power budget (i.e. 90w for the 4-Pair ports and 30w for the rest) regardless of how much power the inserted devices need to draw N/A

Feature Notes

  • If you remove the default IP address from mgmt0 interface and save the running-config the default
    IP address is restored after boot.
  • DHCP Client is enabled by default on In-Band Ports from VLAN 1.
    • On EX1K and TX models, VLAN 1 has the default IP address
  • The Out-of-Band port on EX2K has the following default IP address:


Tracking Product Description Workaround
265 Flow control counters displayed by the command show interface flow control are not incremented on Extreme Ethernet interfaces (10Gbps).
437 All SNTP Authentication is not supported for broadcast and multicast modes.
2103 All Router Port configuration from CLI Templates will result in faulty port performance tracking Configuring a router port from a template can lead to unexpected monitoring behavior. The setting is not recommended while using cnMaestro.
2603 All If a static IP is set on L3 interface from CLI/Web, the out-of-sync condition is not triggered by cnMaestro.