cnMatrix Remap vlan?

How do you remap a vlan from say 2020 to 20? Some other switches i have have the ability to translate a vlan from an incoming vlan to another outgoing vlan?

Hi, cnMatrix currently does not support vlan translation. We plan to support vlan translation as part of QinQ in the future release.


Looking at the cnMatrix GUI, it looks like there is a Sub-Action option available on the MAC ACL page to “Modify VLAN”

I have never tried it out personally, but would that feature have a similar result?
For instance, if a rule was built to look for VLAN2020 with a Permit action and the Modify VLAN sub-action set for VLAN20?

Thank you.

So will i need to specify the inbound ports and create this in both directions from 2020 to 20 and 20 to 2020 on the inbound and outbound ports in each direction i’d imagine?

Any news on the QinQ stuff?


QinQ is supported in our upcoming 4.3 release, to be released end of May. Beta version is available at cnMatrix / Cambium Networks Support.


So how does vlan translation now work? From say Vlan 20 to Vlan 2000