cnMatrix Tower Switch and ePMP 3000 sync pulse

Hi all, looking to implement cnMatrix tower switch and are going to implement the sync pulse on the switch for epmp 3000 radios. In the 3000 radios I only see GPS, CMM5 or Internal(no sync). Using the GPS puck on the radios currently. I know I have read on the forums that others had switched from the gps pucks to cambium sync or packetflux sync and just looking for config advice.

Thank you

Surely whatever the switch’s docs call “Cambium Sync” is compatible with at least CMM5 since 3000 can’t do anything else. The 450 radios I’ve just assumed ‘can’ do CMM5 since we have them being synced with the same packetflux syncinjectors as the 3000. We also have 2000’s on there but they can do CMM3, 4 or 5 (we have them set to 5).

Curious to know how tough these switches are. If you can breath on them without blowing a port AND they can do Sync… that price is, as all cambium products are, pretty steep but … Sync over power… cabinet space saved… man that is really tempting.

There has to be a catch. Anytime I’m thinking about buying a cambium product that isn’t a radio then something isn’t right… does it have some of their licensing bs attached to it ? Like, you pay $1,000 for the switch but all the ports are 10Mb unless you pay extra to unlock 100Mb or 1000Mb ? or maybe it “can” do sync but you have to pay per attached device for sync ? Or the external antenna for the GPS can only be a special proprietary antenna that also costs $1,000 ?


The switch works, the sync works. There’s not much more to say about it.

I have not gotten my hands on any switches yet but my local Cambium rep had said I can run everything from epmp 3000 to 450m using the sync port and once cnpulse unit at tower. So in the epmp 3000 radios do I pick CMM5?

Yes, CMM5 is the sync over Ethernet/Power option.
The “GPS” option means the radio uses its internal GPS receiver.