cnMatrix TX2012R-P Port power cycle

Hi, does the tx2021R-P support rebooting individual ports to power cycle connected devices?

Only if connected device is poe:

power inline {auto | never} Enables / Disables the Power Over Ethernet per port.

Same command for all cnmatrix models


Thank you for your reply… ahh so it is a command line to do it so with the command “power inline {auto | never}” do you add port number to that command?.. is there any literature available for command line for the cnmatrix switches?

I really appreciate your response!

You can enable/disable via the switch’s mgmt GUI as well:



You can toggle the PoE of a PoE-capable port via CLI, Web or cnMaestro.

Via CLI:
config terminal
interface gigabit 0/1
power inline toggle

Via Web:
Set Administrative to Disable, click Apply, then set to Enable, click Appy

via cnMaestro
From the Switch Dashboard, click Actions and select Port Operation in the drop-down menu
Select Port(s) and click PoE Toggle button


@Eric_Ozrelic @TamN I thank you for the responses… I had not yet onboarded this device and did not realize that “administrative state” on the UI meant power enabled/disabled. Really appreciate the replies!!