cnMatrix Vlan not accessible through trunk port

I have 3 vlans in my 34 ex-2028-p switches.
I have used switch1 as the core switch and made it dhcp server. The rest of the switches don’t do dhcp
Vlan1—dhcp(currently no ip)

Dhcp pools

Vlan2 is for cctv
Vlan3 is for telephone and lan

All sfp ports are configured as trunks
G0/1 is configured as a trunk port,
The rest of the ports are hybrid ports,

Now my query is, why is it that when I connect my laptop(it has 2 static ips from vlan2 and vlan3) in port1(trunked port) and ping ips from both vlan3 and vlan2 at the same time, I can’t get response from both at ago, it is like I have to first change the pvid of the port for it to ping to an Ip from that vlan.
I thought trunk ports can reach any vlan.

Kindly advise

Double topic…
trunk port means that switch is sending to your pc (eggress) tagged traffic for both vlans.
Your pc cannot be in two different vlans only in one vlan and if you wqnt reach device on another vlan you do that through layer3 device.
First you need understand how vlans works and different between access, trunk and hybrid ports

A trunk port always egresses with vlan tag. Most PCs or end devices are not able to receive 802.1q frame (tagged frame).