CnPilot 400/410 Failed push configuration (not in sync)

Dear All,

I've problem with our AP, we have 2 site and 6 AP, there some AP can't be sync when we push configuration. the problem is like :

- interface_vlan:subnet clash with other interface

- How to dump mac address on cnmaestro (on premises)


We need to look more into error code. Is their any fesibility of remote access.

is possible to remote session via ultraviewer

  • Either ANYDESK or Teamviewer is preferable mode of access as Ultraview is not allowed in our network.
  • Please share details of remote access at
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Oh,,sure i've anydesk..brb to pm the id sir

So , at my thread  i've trouble with 2 unit AP (didn't Sync), it was because i missed some configuration on AP. but as suggestion , we are upgrade the OVA,Package, Firmware . here for the steps :

  1. Clean Install with OVA 1.6.1-r10
  2. Upgrade the Firmware for All AP (CnPilot 400/410) to 3.7.1-r4
  3. Update package to 1.6.3-r15
  4. Backup configuration from the Old one (CnMaestro)
  5. Deployed the New OVA with the same IP Address configuration
  6. Upload the backup configuration on CnMaestro
  7. Change to mode DHCP (see attachment IP Mode)
  8. All the AP has sync

so Many thanks to @Ashok for assisting me until solved this problem. and thanks for cambium forum.

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