I have use cnPilots many times. This one didn’t accept the login password we just set, so I did a reset from the reset hole. It went through its blinking thing but locked up on the 2 orange LEDs. Doing a power cycle just let the LEDs blink twice and go back to 2 orange. I think that means the reset was good, but it is not returning to a working state. Suggestions please. BTW, did the 4x4x4 PoE cycle and that didn’t help. Is this fried? It just got delivered new 2 days ago.

  1. POE power cycle is not for cnPilot.
  2. Press reset for 15 seconds the look at the leds. Must blink.
  3. If after process descibed above leds will be orange it mean that AP is damaged.

Great. Brand new right out of the box. Maybe a few hours of config time getting it ready for an install. The manual says after doing a reset, the two leds will turn orange meaning the reset worked. Nothing about why they are STAYING orange. Should I try another reset just for kicks and do an RMA?

Orange LEDs means RMA in most if not all the cases

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