cnPilot E-Series System Release 4.2.2 is available

cnPilot E-Series 4.2.2 has been released. System Release 4.2.2 is a maintenance release on System Release 4.2 along with new features and additional bug fixes.

Downloads are available for:

New Features

Radius based ePSK

Cambium’s ePSK feature is an extension of WPA2 PSK where multiple passphrases can assign to a single SSID. The Wi-Fi clients can have unique passphrases to be used by each client using this feature. The same feature is now extended to RADIUS.

The RADIUS server can provide the matching PMK for a given client, and corresponding standard RADIUS attributes can be enforced as client session management.

Auto Cell

Auto Cell size is an automatic, self-tuning mechanism that balances cell size between APs to guarantee coverage while limiting the RF energy that could extend beyond the organizational boundary. Auto Cell uses communication between APs to dynamically set radio power so that complete coverage is provided to all areas, yet at the minimum power level required. This helps to minimize potential interference with neighboring networks.

AP Configuration:

Go to ConfigureRadioBasicAuto-Cell


Tracking Product Description
FLCN-10491 All AP will do URL encoding of SSID field in the DHCP option 82 as per RFC 3986.

Fixed Issues

Tracking Product Description
FLCN-11041 All Issue with fixed client connection when XWF traffic class URL length exceeds 45.
FLCN-11031 All Fixed data stall issue during client roaming with WPA2 security.
FLCN-10944 All In L2TP, BCP0 interface toggled continuously when management network was configured with Static network.
FLCN-10809 e600, e700, e425, e430 and e50X Added support for shutting down the Eth2 interface.
FLCN-10703 All Device on-boarding failed sometimes with a cloud server.
FLCN-10655 All Radius attributes (NAS-Port-Type and ID) for MAB should be sent as Ethernet and Eth2.
FLCN-10236 All Fixed handling error response messages on Cambium AP guest access.
FLCN-10106 All Kernel Panic with log There was a kernel crash, but that is all the information I have.
FLCN-10064 All 802.11r roam failed because new cambium oui “BC-E6-7C-” was not updated.
FLCN-9899 All Added support for WPA+TKIP pure security mode.
FLCN-9882 All NTP sync failed sometimes with server configured as domain name.
FLCN-9738 All Narrow drop-down menus and the text boxes in device GUI with display resolution 1024x768.
FLCN-9323 e410, e600 and e700 Device boots with secondary partition randomly after a power cycle.

Known Issues

Tracking Product Description Workaround
FLCN-11097 e600 Data traffic issue with USB LTE stick connection. None
FLCN-11072 All Client connection issues when XWF traffic class URL length exceeds 64. None
FLCN-11024 All Client association fails if WLAN is configured with RADIUS ePSK and 11r. None


Tracking Product Description
FLCN-9584 e410b Recommended minimum transmit power:
  • 2.4GHz: 9dBm
  • 5GHz: 12dBm
FLCN-6464 e425/e505 The Autopilot feature is not supported.

The Radius based EPSK is very interesting, though I have to say the amount of clients I have that still have onsite Radius is dwindling but there are deffo industrial use cases out there for this that I can use this for. Will there be a guide or example how to set this up on different radius software ?

FLCN-9323 I’m almost certain I’ve run into this issue before a couple of times now.Clients complain about missing SSIDs or missing configuration after a unclean power shut.Usually requires a POE reset on the switch side to get it back in action.

FLCN-10809 e600, e700, e425, e430 and e50X Added support for shutting down the Eth2 interface.

What about eth3 on e425? Can eth3 also be shutdown with this release?

Yes, we can shutdown eth3 port on E425 and eth3 and eth4 ports are on E430 as well.

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@djdrastic , the ePSK Radius integration requires custom development on the RADIUS server and we have some partner integrations working. This will require a solution-level integration engagement with a good business case unless you are planning to use an existing partner. We are working on a solutions guide that will list the partners.


Thanks Kumar makes sense.

I can see a business case for some of my customer sites where there are different internal IT depts that service different types of equipment ie One that installs the wireless but another that looks after the IOT stuff connecting into the network.

After power cycle we have message like this :
Fri Nov 19 2021 14:57 (rebootReason.DEV_UNKNOWN_REBOOT_REASON)
In 4.1.2 was ok.


This is reported internally and will be addressed soon in patch releases.

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Do you have any specs on the requirements for the RADIUS customizations?
Do you have a list of partners who have implemented this?

It seems to me that this solution would overcome any problem with limited number of ePSK and also reduce the risk of MAC randomization.

Yes, we have already integrated with some partners from US/Europe. Are you looking for any partner from these regions ?

We aim to build a solution that could leverage the Cambium ePSK without the need of pre-provision MAC address, have the same ePSK support multiple devices, and support a large number of PSKs as well.
I understand the not RADIUS-based solution has a limit, especially in cnPilot, in terms of max ePSK (a few hundreds? do you know how many?). If not for the limit, this solution would be preferred (very easy, no RADIUS)

Our assumption, however, is that this RADIUS-based solution has the capability to let the RADIUS (properly customized…) automatically provision new devices, by leveraging a mechanism such as the one describe din this Ruckus article (Commscope Technical Content Portal).
But we really want to make it work on Cambium!

If we can’t figure out we’ll engage external partner.

@Anandakrishnan can you share with me some of the EU partners who have integrated the ePSK with RADIUS with the above mentioned customization?