Cnpilot E400 brick after software update

I update firmware throught cloud . ( 3 pack )

Build 3.10.R6

I saw my e400 reboot then offline

Now , when I plug poe cable into 3 of it  , I can ping it several times then unreachable .

My e400 now : green power and orange network led 

I try factory reset but nothing happen

Could you please send a private message  to


I've sent email bro

THanks for support.

My devices work fine now thanks 

i have the same issue not able to re onboard the device please help.
Network LED : ORANGE
cloud status : waiting for device

that means your device is not connected to cnMaestro cloud account. Can you please onboard the device to your cloud account and verify the status of the device.
also can you please share me the techsupport file of the AP on my email which is available in following location

  1. Login to device
  2. Navigate to Operations Tab
  3. Under System there is an option to “Download TechSupport”