cnPilot E410 cannot Claim from cloud

Dear Support Teams,
I have the problem for E410 cannot add on cloud after approved.
and in AP E410 it’s show the yellow led…
Kindly please help advise and help me fixeds ít’s?
Thank you very much

Check whether AP got the IP address from DHCP, once AP has the IP address, please check the network connectivity to the AP gateway. (Make sure gateway is pinging from AP CLI/UI) .
once the above steps are working, check the cloud connectivity using below AP CLI commands

“show management”
“show management details”

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Hello Anandakrishnan,
Thank you for advisen but the AP show the led yellow it’s do not access for ip:,
i have ping it’s and see it’s working ping on terminal. i try access in browser it’s can not access…
Can you try help me fixed?
Thank you very much

Could you please confirm if this behavior (Ping to is successful but not accessible) is observed out-of-the-box or after any upgrade.

Hi, I had situation like this.
Please reset to default ( by pressing reset button - 15 seconds). After this try to connect.

Did reset help you fix the issue?