Cnpilot E410 hang

We have 55 cnpilot E410, suddenly cnMaestro can not connect 54 APs at the same and can not ping ip addresses of APs in network. APs connect again after power off and power on

To know more about the issue reported, please help me with following information:

  • Were all devices connected to same switch/Router
  • Software version of e410


Not the same switch, link to many switches, but the same model (Cisco 2960)

The same version, is 3.11.1-r2

  • Is this issue very frequently observed or random
  • When this issue occurred, where all the switches (e410 connected) reachable from your core network. 

Thank You for the infromation. 

@CAM_TSK: random, maybe 1 time/month

Today around 11h30 AM (GMT + 7), all APs hang, can not ping to them, although I use a cable to connect from my laptop to AP directly to test, but can not  ping AP or connect. That is reason why I can not connect to AP from distribution switches or core switch

  • Based on observations shared by you, 3.11.2 release version has the fix.
  • Please upgrade APs to 3.11.2 release version available at
  • Below is the snippet of fixed issues from release notes:

Thank You. 

I am using 3.11.2-r2, that is the latest firmware. The version that you suggest, is the same 



Suggested firmware is 3.11.2-r2.