cnPilot E410, it look likes 5G Band is not working.. :(

Hi Cambium Team,

Any comment with this experience of our? All wifi client is only homing on the 2.4 GHz Band (even though they are all capable of doing AC mode). Btw, Band Steering is already set to Normal.

cnPilot_5GHz band not working.JPG

Hope you can give me some idea how we can fix this concern. thank you.

Can you please open a support ticket and email us the tech-support file from the AP?

In the meantime any details from your config will help. Delete any passphrases and keys if you paste your exported config file here.

It looks like the 2.4GHz radio has one WLAN mapped to it but hte 5GHz radio has 3 of them?

What happens if you set band steering to aggressive... OR if you just temporarily turn off the 2.4ghz radio?

ALSO... it looks like you have 1 WLAN configured for 2.4 and 3 for 5GHz.... could you possibly be using a different SSID for 5GHz then 2.4?

All of the remaining e410 AP has same WLAN (SSID) numbers.. 


for the problematic AP we created additional 5GHz SSID (WLAN) to isolate 5GHz band.. 

test 5g.JPG

Could you please share AP techsupport dump to for further analysis.

we will pullout the e410 on site.. and test here in our office.. i will get the AP Tech support file and i will share it with you once i personally tested the device here in our office..