cnPilot E410 reset automatically

We started using some E410 AP's and seems that many of them reset automatically.

I explain:

I configure the AP

it's working

I reboot AP

It's working

I turn off AP

After 1-2 days i connect AP and seems to be reset

There's no static IP and is pingable only the default IP

This happen to various AP correctly configured.

And happen even to AP configured, resetted automatically and configured again...

I think is a version problem (

I did'nt tried with older version


  • Have you connected those devices to cnMaestro
  • If yes, is it cnMaestro cloud or on-premises
    • If cloud, please invite me to the account, to check if there was any configuration changes. 
      • My email account is

When happen the devices are not connected to cnMaestro (on-premises).

I don't know if happens with the devices onboarded.

Thanks for your feedback

hi it’s happen to me too in about 4 installations.
all have e410 and 1 by 1 i found it reset.
version was 4.1
now i try to upgrade and see what happen.
e600 and e700 in the same buildings are good.

Bug on 3.4.x firmware… upgrade resolved that issues, been there, done that

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