cnPilot E410 with Google Chromecast not working

Anyone know what are the additional settings need to take note in order to Use Google Chromecast with E410 AP? My office previously installed Aerohive AP. Chromecast is working fine. After migrated to Cambium AP doesnt work. 

Note: chromecast installed in our  meeting room TV. 

PRODUCT NAME :cnPilot E410, Software version:3.5.2-r4,Google Chromecast Model: NC2-6A5
Your reply is highly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.

No additional settings required on Chrome Cast device in order to connect with Cambium AP. We have tested following scenarios in our lab and it is working fine with out any issue.

1) When mobile client connected to 5GHz AP & chromecast is connected to 2.4GHz AP

2) When mobile client & chromecast devices are connected to 2.4GHz AP

Setup is same as your setup : E410 AP (Software Version : 3.5.2-R4) , Google ChromeCast(Model Number : H2G2-2A)

Please find the attached snap shot for reference


Ashok Kumar