cnPilot E500 stops working


I´m testing a cnPilot E500 outdoor AP. It´s powered by the included Cambium POE, connected to a Netonix switch via cat 6 cable.

Problem is, that after a while, it looses connectivity at all. If I reboot it, the AP grabs an IP from my DHCP server (Mikrotik RB4011), responds 4 or 5 pings (from the same subnet) and then nothing. The green power LED is on, while the LAN led is orange.

This AP is associated to my cnMaestro on premises. If I factory reset it, it works ok for a while, I can claim it from my cnMaestro and provision it. After a few minutes, the behaviour reappears.

It´s on 4.2.1r12 firmware, and cnMaestro is 3.0.3r32

The strange thing, is, I have an e410 downstream from the e500, powered by the e500’s POE out, and it’s currently working perfectly, even with the e500 showing no connectivity.

Please tell me if I can provide more info.

EDIT: Connected a E502S to the same cnMaestro and did the same thing. It rebooted itself and loosed connectivity

EDIT 2: Disabling STP on the switch ports where the APs are connected, and rebooting them seems to solve the problem. Nothing on the logs. I will check again tomorrow and post an update.


Hi Dmayan,

Can you please confirm below

  1. After onboarding to cnMaestro you are seeing this issue correct ?(correct me if my understanding is wrong)
  2. From cnMaestro any configuration is pushed on AP ? If so can you please share me what configuration pushed on AP to my email

Sorry for my late response.
The issue was solved after disabling STP on my switch (Netonix with RSTP). As I said before, I coulnd´t find anything on the logs.

Yes, the issue is after onboarding. I´m sending you the APs config to the mail.


Thank you I got the techsupport, will check and update you.