cnPilot-E501 management vlan and AP groups

Hi Cambium Team,

I installed cnMaestro OVA 2.2.0-r60, updated via package to 2.2.1-r32

I want to add to created AP group APs with management vlan other than 1 (for example 403). At first I created vlan 403 on the AP with static IP address, changed Eth1 port to trunk mode with untagged 1 vlan and Allowed VLANs: 403, changed default route to GW for int vlan 403.

After that I try to add this AP to AP groupon cnMaestro. But in "Device Overrides" I see only 4 tabs: "Radio and Location", "cnMaestro VLAN (VLAN 1)", "Other VLANs", "WLANs". I do not see vlan 403 neither in cnMaestro VLAN nor in Other VLANs. I think it is not correct. If I add this AP to AP group , I can't access it via IP , not directly, not via cnMaestro. Could you tell me the right way to have management vlan other than number 1? Or it is a bug?


I will be able to help you with configuration. 

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Thank You. 

Thank you for reply. I think it will be useful for every user of cnMaestro so you can write your solution here.

I found only one way: ApGroup->Configuration->User-Defined Overrides and add there:

interface vlan 403
management-access wired
ip address ${ipmask}

And write variable ipmask in every AP when adding to AP Group.

Do you have another way?

Please confirm if your requirement is as below:

- Access VLAN = 403

- IP assinged for VLAN 403 Interface is static 

- DNS provided for APs is static