Cnpilot e510 mtbf

Someone installed cnpilot e510 for the wifi4eu project?
Is specified somewhere mean time between failures, MTBF for cnpilot e510?

It uses a UV rated IP67 enclosure for outdoor use. Strangely MTBF was ommited from the e510 spec sheet, that being said, the MTBF for the e500 is listed as 2,331,610 hours.

we'll update the datasheet shortly. the MTBF is 4,040,389 hours at 25C and 419,882 hours at 65C on the cnPilot e510.

It does support all the required WiFi4EU features (Passpoint, captive-portal, WiFi certifications etc)

Hi, is there an updated version of the E510 datasheet with the MTBF?

Also is the E505 WIFI4EU ready (MTBF, Passpoint 2 cert)?

We need it for the WIFI4EU!!

Thanks in advance.