Cnpilot E600 cannot claimed by using onboarding Key

i have some cnpilot E600 , but now i cannot claim them on cnmaestro cloud or config on cnmaestro from GUI itself , i was provided cambium ID and onboard key , from GUI of device i can ping to my cloud, but nothing happened .

Can anyone help me , my boss was pushed me , it make me stress . 

Thanks in Advance


I have unicasted you, please reply to me and we can get on remote session to debug the issue.  

Hi Mod,

I'm ready to remoted

Hi Mod,

I think we have timezone difference, so we cannot remote , Can you show me solution for this problem through email , my email is This morning i tried update new firmware , but it still nothing happened

@Newbie151818 / Van, 

It was pleasure assisting you. 

After removing the cloud URL and using serial number we were able to onboard the device. However, device was going offline after mapping to the AP group, it found to be vlan 100 was missing and after adding it, everything went well. 

Thank you for your time.