Cnpilot e700 loses config

we have created a new vlan interface 250 on our e700 and given it a management ip.
now when it connects to our cnmaestro cloud it loses the new vlan interface and defaults to vlan 1.
can anyone help to set this up?

Did u add it via cnMaestro or direct on the AP ?
U have to create it via cnMaestro and run sync.
Otherwise any changes made directly will lose

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i made it directly in the AP to get it to connect with internet, how do i connect it to internet without making any changes directly?

can u giude me on how to make new vlan interface on cnmaestro cloud?

Go to Ap Group, select group with e700.
Than go to Network, enable trunk vlan, select nativ, add allowed 1,250
Tha add vlan 250 with proper static or DHCP adress.
Look at the pic

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thanks for the quick response.
i have a question, if i apply these settings on AP group then every AP in the group will get same static ip?

can i invite u to take a look at my cnmaestro config?

Do u have dhcp in VLAN 250 ?

no we dont have dhcp in vlan 250

Ok on the one of ap we will create DHCP for this VLAN.
I’ll be in touch little later because now working on the roofs :slight_smile:

After a moment of reflection, I can suggest to use IP override for VLAN 250 on each hotpsot. Go to configurations, advanced options, VLAN 250 and set an individual ip for each hotspot. This will allow you to save your settings in cnMaestro :slight_smile: Take a look at the example photo :slight_smile:


@PFR thanks for your suggestion. i have done the same and now its working smoothly.

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